With over 100 years of combined experience, our advisors understand the defeasance process from the inside out. We help property owners and brokers navigate the intricacies of commercial real estate loan exiting.



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George Rodriguez

Cofounder & Managing Partner
  • Expertise: Process Management & Customer Service
    Region: National
    Location: Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
    Email: george@waterstonedefeasance.com
    Direct: 704.926.6503

Co-founding Waterstone Defeasance in 2004, George Rodriguez is the managing partner of daily operations. With a broad background and over 35 years of financial markets experience, George has previously worked for major securities firms such as: Prudential, Salomon Brothers, Wachovia, and Accenture — where he provided technical consulting expertise for top global clients. His extensive experience in the areas of securities processing for securities trading have allowed  defeasance transactions to be traded within reasonable pricing from market ask and bid offerings. A graduate of Bernard Baruch College, George holds a degree in Management Information Systems. 

Why I Choose Waterstone

We have the opportunity to work with the great minds in value creation opportunities within commercial real estate;  from our clients, to our partners and with our team who continue to guide our clients through a complex process in defeasance while providing a high level of service and timely execution.

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