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So, what is the difference?

Our Defeasance Calculator takes the user-provided loan information combined with basic and interpolated yields, and estimates a total securities cost.  This method will give you a good idea of the costs associated with your defeasance transaction.  We always recommend contacting Waterstone early in the process so we can examine your loan documents and explore options moving forward with your unique transaction.

There are two key things that happen when we provide a detailed defeasance proposal, which are highlighted below:

1. Review Loan Documents:  We remove the nuisance of searching through each document associated with your loan, hoping you collect the correct information for your defeasance transaction.  Waterstone allows you the option of simply sending all of your loan documents to us and we will thoroughly inspect them to extract all appropriate information.  We will also analyze particular language in the documents to make sure you receive the minimum cost for your transaction.

2. Structure Portfolio of Securities: Once we have all of the correct information, we are able to produce a portfolio of actual US securities available on the open market.  Pulling true securities will provide you with a more precise estimate for your total cost of defeasance.

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